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The Williamson Celebrates 25 Years of Getty Internships

Summer Interns 2013

The Williamson Celebrates 25 Years of Getty Multicultural Undergraduate Internships For the 25th consecutive year, the Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery of Scripps College welcomes three interns funded by the Getty Foundation through its Multicultural Undergraduate Internship program. The Williamson has participated in the program since the founding of the gallery in 1993, the same year […]

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Internships at the Williamson


The Williamson internships encompass curating, conservation, and arts administration.

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Drowning in Drought: Williamson Interns’ Exhibition at Gallery 112 through April 11

Franz Geritz,
Desert Patterns, 1937,
Color lithograph on tissue paper,
Scripps College

The Williamson Gallery’s interns have teamed up to create an exhibition on a theme of their choosing.

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Sua s’dei!!

I love the feeling of taking one’s first steps out of the airport. It’s a moment of beginnings, to be savored and sentimentalized. I imagine myself gallantly shielding my eyes as I stop to survey the sights of a city yet to be discovered.

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Halfway Point

I can’t believe I’m writing this—our Getty internship is more than halfway complete. We were warned during the first week that we would feel this way by Week 5, but I think we’re all still shocked at how quickly the time has passed.And it’s no wonder! We’ve had very busy schedules for the past few […]

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St. Michael Update!

In my last post, I mentioned that St. Michael’s gilding would be finished in the next several days. And indeed it was; after nine long months of careful work, all of the remaining gold has been secured. And how it shimmers!The next step is structural conservation. Tiffany, Donna, and I have already removed about a […]

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Getty Arts Summit

Yesterday Tiffany, Milan and I went to the Arts Summit. The Arts Summit is a professional development event at the Getty. All of the multicultural undergraduate interns came together to mingle with each other and meet industry professionals. It was an all day event, and it was jam-packed with activities and interesting people.We got private […]

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Progress on the Conservation of St. Mike

For those of you who are not familiar with Scripps’ St. Michael, he is a painted and gilded wooden sculpture. He was carved c. 145o, and was part of the façade decoration for an Italian church. Under the guidance of L.A. conservator Donna Williams, I have been conserving our 560-year-old friend for the past nine […]

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Culver City

This is our second week interning here at the gallery, and I thought today would be the perfect time for my very first blog entry. One of the perks of this internship is that we all get the opportunity to talk to people who have made careers for themselves in the Art World. Today we […]

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2010 Summer Internships

Do YOU want to contribute to this blog? Now’s your chance! 2010 summer internships are available at the gallery and one of your many perks will be blogging rights to Art Rambles!We are offering FIVE internship positions: 2 Wilson internships and 3 Getty Multicultural Summer Undergraduate Internships. All interns will participate in field trips with […]

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