Taylor Carr-Howard ’17

At Scripps, I was encouraged to follow my interests wherever they took me, even if they were wide-ranging and seemingly unrelated. This, combined with mentorship and guidance from faculty at Scripps and across the 5Cs, has led me to pursue interdisciplinary research and create my own path as a graduate student.

Scripps gave me the unique opportunity to pursue art historical research early on; the summer after my first year I was a Mellon Fellow at the Williamson Gallery and curated an exhibition of Dody Weston Thompson’s photographs for the Clark Humanities Museum. My experience at the Williamson opened many doors for me and encouraged me to pursue a career in the arts. During my time at Scripps, I also held a curatorial internship at the Nelson-Atkins Museum (in Kansas City, MO) and I wrote my senior thesis on Roman provincial mosaics.

After graduating in 2017, I spent the summer interning for a public art nonprofit and sculpture walk in London called The Line. Then, I moved back to Kansas City where I interned at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art. Thanks to my previous curatorial experience at Scripps, I had the opportunity to co-curate exhibitions at the Kemper.

Currently, I am finishing my M.A. in Archaeology at Cornell University. My M.A. thesis looks at early photographs of Roman sites in Algeria, taken approximately between 1880–1910 by the Commission des Monuments Historiques de l’Algérie. In fall 2020, I will begin my Ph.D. in Archaeology at UCLA where I plan to continue my research of archaeological photographs.