Advisory Council and Fine Arts Foundation

The Advisory Council, which provides long-range planning, includes Francine and Bill Baker, Mary Shipp Bartlett, Sharon and Michael Blasgen, Patricia Dillon, Patricia Goldsmith, Ken Gonzales-Day, Eric Haskell, Diana L. Ho, Joanne and Dennis Keith, Steven Koblik, Juliet Koss, Brent and Susan Maire, Amy Marcus-Newhall, Suzanne Muchnic, Peggy Phelps, Susan Rankaitis, Carol Vernon and Robert Turbin, Victoria Andrew Williamson, and Jane and Michael Wilson.

Founded in 1935, the Fine Arts Foundation is a volunteer organization with two purposes: to stimulate public interest in art and to raise funds to foster art education and programming at Scripps College. FAF hosts a series of monthly programs, October through May, and raises money for art scholarships. For more information, please visit the foundation’s webpage or  contact Marty Hartford at (909) 621-3516.