Advisory Council and the Fine Arts Foundation Support Art at Scripps

The Williamson Gallery’s Advisory Council, which provides long-range planning, includes Francine and Bill Baker, Michael Blasgen, Bruce Coats, Patricia Dillon, Binti Harvey, Eric Haskell, Joanne and Dennis Keith, Dr. Juliet Koss, Nancy Macko, Brent Maire, Amy Marcus-Newhall, Suzanne Muchnic, Peggy Phelps, Carol Vernon and Robert Turbin, Victoria Andrew Williamson, and Jane and Michael Wilson.

Another group that supports art at Scripps is the Fine Arts Foundation. Founded in 1935, the FAF is a volunteer organization with two purposes: to stimulate public interest in art and to raise funds to foster art education and programming at Scripps College. FAF hosts a series of monthly programs, October through May, and raises money for art scholarships. For more information, please visit the foundation’s webpage or  contact Marty Hartford at (951) 204-7412.