Anne Crumpacker ’68

Anne Crumpacker in her studio

Anne Crumpacker in her studio

Anne Crumpacker graduated from Scripps in 1968 with a degree in psychology.  Her “new life” began at Scripps, deeply impacted by the breadth of the humanities curriculum, rich offerings in the visual and performing arts, and the beauty of the campus.  It wasn’t until 40 years later, after being involved in a wide range of arts administration as well as curatorial and professional volunteer careers, that she made a complete shift in her life and went to art school. In 2011, she was a member of the first graduating class of the MFA program in Applied Craft and Design from Oregon College of Art and Craft + Pacific Northwest College of Art.  Transformed by the experience, she  launched a creative practice.

Today, she is immersed in bamboo.  Anne has a studio in downtown Portland in the Skidmore Fountain area on the third floor of a 1872 brick building, where she designs and creates sculpture, objects, and architectural features to enhance interior spaces for commission and exhibitions as well as for personal explorations.  Her work is in private and public collections in California, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.  The State Department recently purchased a piece for the Art in Embassies Program, specifically for Lao.

Of her work, Anne said, “Bamboo connects me to myriad cultures, across great distances and spans of time.  Bamboo is a common thread interwoven in the existence of millions of people for thousands of years.  I have become part of this expanded web of connection.  Working with this medium, I absorb the heritage, the legacy of Asian, South American, and American artisans and artists.”