Elizabeth Robbins Turk ’83

Artist, 2010 MacArthur Fellow

Elizabeth Robbins Turk ’83

“Scripps underscored the value of direct study and refined my tools to contribute to the conversation. Making things is all I do, I love it; sculpture, drawings, poems… Objects can be decidedly ‘uncool’ for a contemporary artist, but Scripps strengthened my generalist viewpoint, teaching my fingertips the patience to find and develop the larger picture. One cannot help being in awe of the ideas held in the work of others, ancient and contemporary, in books, stone, and, now, bytes.”

Elizabeth Turk received her BA in International Relations from Scripps College (1983) and an MFA from Rinehart School of Sculpture at Maryland Institute (1994) in Baltimore, Maryland. She is represented by Hirschl & Adler in New York. Her work has been exhibited at the Mint Museum of Art (North Carolina), the University of Virginia Art Museum, the American Institue of Architecture (New York), and the National Museum of Women in the Arts (Washington, DC). She divides her time between New York and Los Angeles.

In 2010, she received the MacArthur Fellowship or “Genius Grant” of $500,000 given to exceptional individuals in all disciplines for their innovative or impactful contributions to their respective fields. In her sculptural series, The Collars, she turns unforgiving white marble into delicate filigree works reminiscent of Elizabethan lace collars, delicate skeletal structures, and cellular lattices.

Several of her drawings are in the Scripps permanent collection and can be seen [permalink url=”127″]here[/permalink].