Laura McCallum ’74



“I was drawn to art from a young age, but it was not until I came to Scripps that I could follow these interests. I thrived at Scripps. Teachers encouraged me to explore, question and delve into everything I studied. I learned to follow the possibilities. Scripps did more than train me to be an artist; it prepared me for advanced education, and the world.”


Laura McCallum is an artist, working in video, wall pieces and sculpture. She graduated from Scripps with a degree in Studio Art and Art History. She received her M.A. in Medieval Art History from the University of Washington and taught at Pacific Lutheran University before moving to New York in 1981. She is presently the Head of the Visual Arts Department at the Spence School in New York City.


Her work has been exhibited in several venues including Socrates Sculpture Park, and the Brooklyn Museum in New York as well as the Henry Gallery at the University of Washington in Seattle, the Temple Gallery in Rome and the Galerie Kunst und Technik in Berlin. In 2011 she will be included in a major exhibit, “The Value of Water,” at the Cathedral of St John the Divine in New York. Laura is represented by the Cheryl McGinnis Gallery in New York, where she had an exhibit in 2010. Laura has co-founded a collaborative art group, Thousands and Hundreds Collaborative Arts. The mission of this organization is to encourage artists of various disciplines to collaborate on projects, performances and exhibits THCA brings together artists of diverse backgrounds and interests, both professionally and personally, to engage in conversations that will ultimately develop into the creation of distinctly original work. The first performance will be in September 2011. Her website can be viewed at