Lisa Durow ’03

Lisa Durow ’03“The wonderfully dense knowledge and eclectic experience I accrued during my attendance at Scripps College continues to inspire me to trust and follow my instincts, to pursue all interests and curiosities that speak to me on a personal level, and to simply enjoy the rich rewards the world has to offer me.

“The lessons imparted to me by the supportive professors and other wonderful members of staff have strengthened my confidence in myself as a student, as an artist and as a person; these lessons continue to shape who I am as an individual.”

After graduating from Scripps with a B.A. in studio art in 2003, Lisa worked at an art gallery. Her life took an unexpected turn when she discovered the world of occupational therapy. While volunteering as an intern at a pediatric occupational therapy practice in Los Angeles, she applied to masters programs and created a body of artwork called “Natures,” which was exhibited in various galleries around Los Angeles. Lisa feels strongly pulled toward a profession in occupational therapy, which allows her to help others, employ rehabilitative creativity techniques, and find a deeply meaningful purpose in her life. Currently, Lisa is working toward a Masters degree in Occupational Therapy at USC.