Molly Concannon ’02

Director, ACME. Gallery, Los Angeles

Molly Concannon ’02“Scripps gave me the skills, confidence and resources to help me pursue a career in a field that I have deep genuine passion for and is also constantly stimulating. Tremendous support and encouragement from professors such as Mary MacNaughton and Juliet Koss prepared me to work alongside art professionals upon graduation and succeed in my job. Scripps took an active role in helping me find an internship that matched my interest in contemporary art, and it was also a Scripps alumna that gave me my position. I am honored to have worked with the Scripps professors, alumnae and students that have helped me realize my career goals.

“Upon graduation in 2002, I began working at The Broad Art Foundation in Santa Monica, gaining tremendous experience in the contemporary art world. I went on to pursue a Masters degree in Art History at The Courtauld Institute of Art in London with a focus on British contemporary art. In 2005, I returned to Los Angeles and worked as the Associate Director for the Mark Moore Gallery in Santa Monica while conducting research and writing for private art collections in Los Angeles. I am currently the director of ACME. Gallery in Los Angeles.”