Pamela Gregg Flax ’88

Managing Director, Littleglobe, Inc., Santa Fe, NM

Pamela Gregg Flax ’88My appreciation for Scripps grows with each passing year. To this day, I count on core elements of my Scripps education: writing and speaking about ideas, thinking creatively, considering the ‘broader picture,’ and taking action courageously. Moreover, I like the Scripps graduates I meet; they are bold, fascinating women creating meaningful, interesting lives. If I had to decide again, I wouldn’t hesitate to choose Scripps College.”

Upon graduation, Pamela received a National Endowment for the Arts internship at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles. In the early ’90s, she participated in the Exhibitions Committee at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions and became a grantwriter and researcher at MOCA. She worked for more than a decade in philanthropy as the Director of Programs, Arts & Conservation, for the Flintridge Foundation, Pasadena, CA. She was responsible for the research, design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of the Ensemble Theatre Program and Awards for Visual Artists Program, which she was hired to develop in 1995. In 2007, Pamela was hired to work with Littleglobe—a multilingual, interdisciplinary arts organization devoted to fostering social and environmental health and justice in creative collaboration with artists, community members and community organizers.