Victoria Sheldon

Fashion Designer

After graduating from Scripps College this Santa Cruz California native founded V.C.Torias, Inc. and has been designing its line of hand-painted women’s clothing for 15 years. In a small boutique in Northern California, Sheldon pioneered the concept of “art to wear”. Today her original designs are sold in more than 250 better specialty stores and catalogs across North America. Her clothing is featured regularly in national women’s magazines such as “Shape” and has been worn by Miss America, the cast of such hit series as, “Roseanne” and “Sisters,” and by featured guests on “Good Morning America” and “Oprah.” She also did much work as a Costume Designer and Art Director for the film, “Frog and Wombat”, in which she received an Award of Outstanding Design from The Rhode Island Film Festival.

In addition to her fashion design, Ms. Sheldon is an award-winning painter. Her work is collected by artists and curators of museums and has been exhibited in galleries throughout California. She also co-hosts numerous educational television programs featuring her original artwork. She volunteers regularly throughout the community and has established several scholarship programs for artists at Scripp’s Women’s College and Claremont Graduate School, both of which she is an alum, having specialized in Performance and Video Art. She has also been nominated as 1999 Woman of The Year by The Northern California Women’s Fund.