Zoe Larkins ’09

Executive Assistant, Creative Time

“I chose to go to Scripps in part because of its art history program. I also chose to enroll because I knew that I would graduate from Scripps a self-assured, driven young woman, equipped for whatever followed. I tried to keep an open mind about my major, but after my first art history course, I knew I’d found my major and my passion. And after four years of engaging classes and internships, I graduated with confidence and curiosity and committed to pursuing a career in the art world. In particular, my internship at the Gallery and the incredible mentorship of Mary MacNaughton helped me develop intellectual and professional goals.”

Zoe Larkins ’09 majored in Art History. While she was an undergraduate, Zoe interned at the Whitney Museum of American Art and at the Williamson Gallery. Zoe spent one summer and one semester during her senior year as the Michael and C. Jane Wilson Intern at the Gallery, researching Andy Warhol photographs. She also worked as a research assistant to Pomona College Professor of Art History, Frances Pohl. Upon graduating, she earned her MA in the History of Art (’10) with a focus on the global contemporary art world at the Courtauld Institute. Recently, Zoe interned at Artis Contemporary Israeli Art Fund and Postmasters Gallery in New York. She works at Creative Time.