Fare thee well ogre(s)…

It’s never easy to say good-bye…So I won’t.

I just want to let you guys know that I’ll miss you. It has been a real pleasure working with all of you this summer and I hope to see you again during the year. Thank you guys for being so wacky, sweet, and honest for the past ten weeks; I really appreciate it.
If it had not been for the crazy conversations we had over tea breaks, or on our way to lunch, or on trips with Mary, I probably would not have enjoyed myself as much as I did. Thank you for that. I know this is somewhat corny, but I think I’ll let Mr. Rogers take it from here…
It’s such a good feeling to know you’re alive.
It’s such a happy feeling: You’re growing inside.
And when you wake up ready to say,
‘I think I’ll make a snappy new day.’
It’s such a good feeling, a very good feeling,
the feeling you know that we’re friends.
Sorry, I just had to. Good luck with everything, enjoy what’s left of summer, and I’ll definitely see you guys again.