Getty Arts Summit

Yesterday Tiffany, Milan and I went to the Arts Summit. The Arts Summit is a professional development event at the Getty. All of the multicultural undergraduate interns came together to mingle with each other and meet industry professionals. It was an all day event, and it was jam-packed with activities and interesting people.We got private tours of some of the Getty’s exhibits. Our group got a tour of the new gallery of Medieval and Renaissance Sculpture and Decorative Arts. One of the highlights of the exhibit is a 17th century German cabinet. There’s a virtual tour of the cabinet that you can view online or at the museum as you look at the cabinet in person. Maybe I’m just being a nerd, but I was pretty excited about the virtual tour! Tiffany thought it was cool, too. You should check it out.The programming involved a long lunch break, so we got to hang out with some of the other interns. I talked to some other recent graduates. We exchanged job-finding tips, which made me feel strangely grown-up. Haha!The main events at the Arts Summit were the career sessions. We each chose five sessions from a list of sixteen. Each session had its own theme and one or two presenters to talk with the interns in groups of nine. The presenters were all people who have carved out a special niche for themselves in the art world. Some work at museums, others run their own nonprofits or galleries. All of them are super-successful. I went to a lot of the career sessions regarding educational programming, and it gave me some food for thought. I’ve started researching careers in that area.All in all it was a really fun day! Milan, Tiffany and I bonded. (As all the other interns can tell you by now, I’m always up for some quality bonding!) We also took some fun pictures. The one below is the three of us posing in front of Elisabeth Frink’s Running Man. The pose was Milan’s idea. It’s cute, yea?