in defense of art… I have been really wondering about how to balance indulging a love for beauty and the interesting with a need to meet the average person where they are and change them for the better. How is art connecting with the average person? I was in a conversation with a friend this week who, on hearing my plan to become more involved with the arts, informed me that art seemed so indulgent and that music truly touched and changed people in a more effective and meaningful manner. He went on to say that the average person is touched every single day by music and that art is for the rich who get to sip wine in a hoity toity museum or gallery. He said art makes the rich feel good and happy for like ten minuets and music makes the masses happy for… ever. I love art and I can literally look at piece for hours and feel like my soul is duking out a war inside my chest but how does it really in everyday life touch the masses and does it do it half as effectively as music? When people off the street look at Monogram (above) do they really get anything from it without previous knowledge of the theories and history behind it? Are the musicians winning the war for the public’s hearts? How do we change the minds of people who think like this and get more involved with the masses? How does art change peoples’ everyday life? IDK quite yet how to most effectively answer these questions, but I’d love to hear some of your responses! So give me your answer: what would you say to my friend?