The beginning of the end?

I was recently standing in Wendy’s office (like an hour ago) wondering how in the world our time in this amazing internship has flown by so fast. It seems like yesterday i was buying my first dress pants, seeing the permanent collection for the first time, and filling out my first w-9.

This experience has been so new to me that time has really been escaping me. I have been settling into the rhythm of the office life and enjoying the amazing amount of field trips and new experiences I have been blessed to participate in. When trying to mentally amass the totality of important events from this internship, my head throbs with the sheer number of amazing people we have met.

I think it will be difficult to convey the totality of the experience to anyone who doesn’t have a few hours to talk with me. It has had its difficult moments, but I feel so blessed to have had this amazing opportunity. I can honestly say that it has changed my life: I no longer wonder if I should stop “fooling around with frivolous and indulgent artsy things”, and instead wonder how i can enrich my life and the lives of others through creative means. Life, at least for me, is filled with situations that demand the ability to truly listen, understand and critically and creatively think of responses and solution.

By realizing that art can be used as a means of furthering understanding, communication, and learning, I have realized that the arts are very applicable to the type of person that I am and the goals that I have. What that means in relation to my future and my career plans is quite fluid presently. However, this internship has allowed me to not only see that the arts industry has a ridiculous number of niches and opportunities, but that I might be able to fit into one of those niches. Again, the application of this knowledge is still evanescent, but a greater knowledge and appreciation of a field can only be a good thing.