The Piccirilli Bros

Who are they?
Why, they are the 6 Italian-American sculptor-carvers (Getulio, Furio, Attilio, Ferrucio, Masaniello, and Orazio!) who were responsible for some of America’s greatest monuments!
The one that EVERYONE and their mothers know about? The marble giant that is Abraham Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C..
The same one that comes to life in “Night at the Museum II: The Smithsonian”!! =)
They hand-carved that masterpiece!
Man.. to have 6 brothers who are all talented in the skill of sculpture/marble-carving!
My sister and I share the same genes, yet I can’t say we share any skills…
[I guess we both played golf in high school.. but I barely managed to stay in the junior varsity team, while my sister played varsity… I promise I’m not bitter or anything..]
Being the carvers, and not the artists/one who designed the pieces, they did not put their names on the works. Thus they weren’t as recognized.
I’m trying to do some additional research on the Piccirilli brothers and artist John Gregory, and decided to post on the blog with the interesting things that I was finding.
I like Furio the best.
And maybe Orazio next.
Sorry, Getulio, Attilio, Ferrucio, and Masaniello. You guys are still really cool too.