This Is Not Goodbye

Tomorrow is the last day of my internship. Putting that down in writing doesn’t make it seem any less surreal. It doesn’t help that today has been particularly unusual for me. I share an office with Kathryn and Mckenzie, both of whom are in LA today, along with Tiffany. (Mckenzie and Tiffany work with conservator Donna Williams in her studio every Thursday and Kathryn got permission to go meet some important Art World people through a personal connection.) Milan pops in occasionally to grab some coffee, but for the most part, I’ve spent the day alone. It’s been quiet. Sometimes the quiet is fantastic. I’ve been incredibly focused today. Other times, I wonder why I never noticed how loudly the clock in this office ticks! Haha!I suppose I needed this day to go into my own headspace and be über-productive. I have a lot of work to complete. I’m racing to the finish line with my final project—an exhibit in the Clark Humanities Museum called Rendering the Female Subject. Simply put, this show is my baby. I’ve had a lot of help with organizing it from Kathryn and Tiffany and of course Mary, Colleen, Kirk, Patricia and John. Also, the original concept for the show wasn’t mine. Last semester’s gallery interns proposed the idea. Having said all that, I’ve put a lot of work into this exhibit, and I feel a personal commitment to making it a success. Rendering the Female Subject is all about diversity and how women are depicted in art. The show consists of about 30 works on paper, as well as several ceramic pieces and wood sculptures. Everything is from the Scripps Permanent Collection. Keep an eye out for further information about it on the Gallery’s website. I’m biased, but I think it’s worth taking a look at. There’s a lot of variety—something to interest everyone and something new for everyone to learn about.I guess that’s my pitch, haha. One thing I will definitely take away from my experience here: the importance of putting yourself out there, of making your ideas, projects, goals, and accomplishments known to other people. As interns, we’ve spent a lot of time this summer networking. I’m told this is just the beginning. Apparently, I will spend the rest of my career networking. And I’m actually okay with that because I’m learning that it really does get easier with practice.Anyway, I’m titling my post “This Is Not Goodbye” for a reason. Looks like I’m staying here, or in LA, rather. I have an internship lined up in Development at LACMA. I don’t know how it could possibly compare to the past ten weeks, but I have high hopes.