Ceramic Annual 2011: 67th Scripps College Ceramic Annual

Tim Berg, Assistant Professor of Art at Pitzer College, is the guest curator for the 67th Scripps Ceramic Annual, which is the longest continuous exhibition of contemporary ceramics in the United States. Berg has has had solo exhibitions at Nääs Konsthantverk Galleri, Gothenburg, Sweden; Dean Project Gallery, in Long Island City, New York; and Siegfried Gallery, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio. For this exhibition, entitled Making Fun, Berg has selected works by: Barnaby Barford, Pattie Chalmers, Gerit Grimm, Ayumi Horie & Sara Varon, Janice Jakielski, Mathew McConnell, Peter Morgan, Thomas Müller, Brendan Tang, and Matt Wedel.

The exhibition and catalog are supported by the Jean and Arthur Ames Fund and the Paul Soldner Endowment at Scripps College. Thanks also go to Francine and William Baker, Kirk Delman, David Furman, Barbara and Victor Klein, the Joan and David Lincoln Endowment, Susan and Brent Maire, the Marlin Miller Family Foundation, John Regan, and Skutt Ceramic Products, Inc.

On January 22 at 4 pm, Professor Berg will speak about the exhibition in the Scripps Humanities Auditorium. An opening reception at the gallery will follow, starting at 7 pm.

Photos from the Exhibition on Flickr