76th Ceramic Annual: Sentiment and Skepticism

Sentiment and Skepticism:
Our Culture of Contradictions

Wesley Anderegg, Hangman, 2008, Ceramic, wood, and steel, 52 x 16 x 9 in., Photo Credit: Wesley Anderegg

In 2020, the gallery returned to our regular format with Joanne Hayakawa, curator of the 76th Ceramic Annual.  Hayakawa is professor emerita at San Diego State University, School of Art and Design. For the 76th Annual,  Hayakawa gathered artists whose work engages with and offers a variety of perspectives on the environment through the lens of duality. “Duality,” she writes, “Provides a natural tension with questions, definitions and position(s). We can understand duality to mean opposites, …diversity that is generalized or confrontational or not, parallel paths that have not recognized each other….  I have chosen artists with diverse approaches to literal and figurative environmental perspectives who seem to be wending their way forward through their choices.  Ultimately, they are defining or redefining their vision through exploration of two (or more) sides.”

The Ceramic Annual lecture with Garth Johnson, curator of ceramics at the Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, NY, was held at the Humanities Auditorium on Jan. 25 at 4 pm, followed by the opening, with live music and light refreshments, at the gallery, from 7 to 9 pm.

With the closing of the campus at spring break, and with the safety of all foremost in our minds, the exhibition was closed early.

The exhibition included these artists:

Wesley Anderegg

Richard Burkett

Rebecca Hutchinson

Jeff Irwin

Kate MacDowell

Crystal Morey

James Tisdale

Ted Vogel

Patti Warashina

Stan Welsh

Mary Cale A. Wilson

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Since 2016, the American Museum of Ceramic Art (AMOCA) in Pomona has partnered with the Williamson Gallery at Scripps College to produce exhibitions of works by guest curators of the Scripps College Ceramic Annual. Joanne Hayakawa’s exhibition, A Wing and a Prayer II, premieres large sculptural work created especially for this exhibition, opening at AMOCA on Sat., Jan. 11th from 6-9 PM, and featuring a talk by the artist. A Wing and a Prayer II, runs from Jan. 11, 2020-April 19, 2020
For more information: http://www.amoca.org/joannehayakawa/


Richard Burkett, Pressure Vessels – Industry, 2016
Soda and wood fired ceramic, copper, steel, glass, bronze, 55 x 54 x 16
Photo credit: Richard Burkett