Scripps College Senior Art Show: Apr. 26 – May 11, 2024

Image Credit: Kendall Fosse

Opening Reception Friday, April 26th 6-9 PM

Double Take, this year’s senior art exhibitionfeaturing digital illustration, drawing, painting, ceramic sculpture, mixed media and morefurther explores the themes and methodologies of the Fall 2023 senior art theses at Scripps College. The resulting artworks therefore comprise a double take: an opportunity to pause, look carefully, and observe what one might have missed at first glance.

The works on display, by ten artists, reflect diverse inspirations: critical investigations of contemporary environmental and social issues, introspective analyses of personal identities, and theoretical inquiries into the role of art in our existence. Each is its own experience, deserving of time and deliberation.

The exhibition invites viewers to consider their own double takes as they engage with the artworks. Much like the artists, who have revisited and ruminated upon their initial ideas to give them tangible form, visitors may look and then look again, investigating and contemplating the layers of meaning embedded within each piece.

Participating artists include senior art majors Sarah Teske, Ella Lehavi, Ella Skinner, Natasha Sethia, Dahlia Wang, Ruth Mueller, Nicole McDermott, Kendall Fosse, Avery White, and Izzy Kramer.

We would like to extend our thanks to those who helped us realize this exhibition.

Kasper Kovitz, Associate Professor of Art
The Scripps College Art Department
Ruth Dean, Facilities Operations Supervisor

We are also grateful to the staff of the Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery.

Jan Blair, Gallery Guard
Erin M. Curtis, Gabrielle Jungels-Winkler Director
Kirk Delman, Collections Manager & Registrar
Margalit Monroe, Academic Curator
T Robert Pacini, Gallery Installer
John Trendler, Curator of Visual Resources

We appreciate those whose generous support made this exhibition possible.

The Jean and Arthur Ames Endowment
The Lori Bettison-Varga Endowment Fund
The Mary N. Freedman Fund for the Senior Art Exhibition
The Scripps Fine Arts Foundation

Finally, we thank the Scripps College administration and trustees.

Jennifer Armstrong, Interim Dean of Faculty
Amy Marcus-Newhall, President
The Board of Trustees of Scripps College