Take a break from studying for finals and delve into the LA art scene of the fifties with “A Preview of Clay’s Tectonic Shift: John Mason, Ken Price, and Peter Voulkos, 1956-1968.”
Mary MacNaughton, director of the Williamson Gallery and Associate Professor, Art History, Scripps, will give a preview of the upcoming exhibition at the Williamson Gallery, which opens on January 21, at 7 pm. She’ll discuss the work of the three ceramic artists featured in the exhibition, who took on the traditional notion of clay as a medium for creating utilitarian objects and, much against the mainstream, transformed it into the means of creating abstract art of such dynamism and energy that their work forever changed the way ceramics were viewed.
The talk will take place in the Hampton Room, Malott Commons, on Wednesday, December 14, 2011, at 1:15 pm. For questions on the event, please call 909-607-4690, or email [email protected]