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Post-Internship Reflection

Today is the last day of my Getty-sponsored internship; I’ve been so busy, it’s only just now that I have time to sit and write a blog post. I’ll give a little background on me: I’ve loved art history since taking it in high school (my teacher was Scripps alum Debra Hunt). I’m also interested […]

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Samlor Khmer

Sometimes you walk blindly into a situation knowing that it’s going to be one from which you’ll emerge—I hesitate to say “enlightened” or “a better person”—but no doubt in some way changed.

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Sidewalks are for pansies OR Let’s have a cluck cluck for a tuk tuk!

I am discovering that I have a strange fascination with cities. It’s not so much because I’m a city person per se (I have yet to find one that I am absolutely in love with, and besides, I’m too much of a tree-hugger to be eternally content in a cement jungle), but it’s more so […]

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Some updates, long overdue

So there is nothing quite like the responsibility of a blog, or really, an unwritten blog, to make you realize how fast time is flying by. Why, hello there week 3 mark! I guiltily look at the two posts thus far to see that I have spent a lot of time describing the time up […]

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Sua s’dei!!

I love the feeling of taking one’s first steps out of the airport. It’s a moment of beginnings, to be savored and sentimentalized. I imagine myself gallantly shielding my eyes as I stop to survey the sights of a city yet to be discovered.

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And so it begins…

Julia, Wilson intern from the Spring semester checking in! My adventures for this summer are taking me a little farther away from our dear garden campus and the artsy offerings of the general LA metropolis, but they should be no less exciting…

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Lessons Learned in London

As Aleedra mentioned, today is officially the last day of the RCWG summer internships. However, I’ll be here for another week, because last week I had the amazing opportunity to travel to London.The purpose of my 9-day trip was a summer course at the Courtauld Institute of Art entitled “Artists’ Materials: Invention and Innovation.” The […]

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This Is Not Goodbye

Tomorrow is the last day of my internship. Putting that down in writing doesn’t make it seem any less surreal. It doesn’t help that today has been particularly unusual for me. I share an office with Kathryn and Mckenzie, both of whom are in LA today, along with Tiffany. (Mckenzie and Tiffany work with conservator […]

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Tiles and Smiles

Yesterday all of the interns, along with Curator of Visual Resources John Trendler, went to the First Street Gallery Art Center in Claremont for a tile-making workshop.First Street Gallery Art Center is a non-profit program of the Tierra del Sol Foundation, which serves adults with developmental disabilities in the San Fernando and San Gabriel/Pomona Valleys. […]

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Halfway Point

I can’t believe I’m writing this—our Getty internship is more than halfway complete. We were warned during the first week that we would feel this way by Week 5, but I think we’re all still shocked at how quickly the time has passed.And it’s no wonder! We’ve had very busy schedules for the past few […]

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