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The beginning of the end?

I was recently standing in Wendy’s office (like an hour ago) wondering how in the world our time in this amazing internship has flown by so fast. It seems like yesterday i was buying my first dress pants, seeing the permanent collection for the first time, and filling out my first w-9.

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Designing exhibitions…designing our future…

The Getty currently hosted an Arts Summit for the Multicultural Interns from 80+ organizations this past Monday. …as explained by Jasmine in her entry “The…Getty!”. One of the most exciting and memorable experiences I had that day was the tour of the Design Studios. The tour was limited to about 9 or 10 interns. Now […]

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The.. Getty!

This Monday (July 13th), we Getty interns made a trip out to the LA Getty Center for the Getty Foundation’s M(ulticultural)U(ndergraduate)I(nternship) Arts Summit. Dang, that sounds fancy. It was basically a career day / meet-all-the-other-100+-Getty-interns-day. Janet Mota who works at the botannical garden was kind enough to drive. I’m so glad I had the chance […]

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It’s been a while

Wow. It’s been a long time since any one of us actually looked at this and considered writing something.I only have 2 days left at this internship, and when I think about it, it makes me pretty sad. In many ways, I’m ready to stop working, start RA training and get ready for the semester […]

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Digitize This

What’s with all the digitization?Everything from newspapers to slides in the slide library to magazines to museums collections are being digitized, and it’s pretty unsettling- specially for all of us old fogeys who love everything in print and on paper. We were talking with Kirk the other day and he definitely wishes that everything wasn’t […]

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The Widening Gap

A couple of months ago, I made the decision to declare two separate majors. It wasn’t really a hard decision to make; in fact, it seemed perfectly logical because I have loved both Art and History since sixth grade. To date, I’m really glad that I picked these majors, so let me just preface this […]

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Who Says That Art Critics Are Intimidating?

On Thursday, July 3rd, Mary had two really well known art writers come into the office to meet with the 4 of us- Peter Plagens, an artist and the former art writer for Newsweek, and Laurie Fendrich, also an artist and a professor at Hofstra university.We talked with them for about 2 hours (our meeting […]

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