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The Williamson Celebrates 25 Years of Getty Internships

Summer Interns 2013

The Williamson Celebrates 25 Years of Getty Multicultural Undergraduate Internships For the 25th consecutive year, the Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery of Scripps College welcomes three interns funded by the Getty Foundation through its Multicultural Undergraduate Internship program. The Williamson has participated in the program since the founding of the gallery in 1993, the same year […]

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Getty Arts Summit

Yesterday Tiffany, Milan and I went to the Arts Summit. The Arts Summit is a professional development event at the Getty. All of the multicultural undergraduate interns came together to mingle with each other and meet industry professionals. It was an all day event, and it was jam-packed with activities and interesting people.We got private […]

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2010 Summer Internships

Do YOU want to contribute to this blog? Now’s your chance! 2010 summer internships are available at the gallery and one of your many perks will be blogging rights to Art Rambles!We are offering FIVE internship positions: 2 Wilson internships and 3 Getty Multicultural Summer Undergraduate Internships. All interns will participate in field trips with […]

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Designing exhibitions…designing our future…

The Getty currently hosted an Arts Summit for the Multicultural Interns from 80+ organizations this past Monday. …as explained by Jasmine in her entry “The…Getty!”. One of the most exciting and memorable experiences I had that day was the tour of the Design Studios. The tour was limited to about 9 or 10 interns. Now […]

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The.. Getty!

This Monday (July 13th), we Getty interns made a trip out to the LA Getty Center for the Getty Foundation’s M(ulticultural)U(ndergraduate)I(nternship) Arts Summit. Dang, that sounds fancy. It was basically a career day / meet-all-the-other-100+-Getty-interns-day. Janet Mota who works at the botannical garden was kind enough to drive. I’m so glad I had the chance […]

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It’s been a while

Wow. It’s been a long time since any one of us actually looked at this and considered writing something.I only have 2 days left at this internship, and when I think about it, it makes me pretty sad. In many ways, I’m ready to stop working, start RA training and get ready for the semester […]

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