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Luminous Line: Contemporary Drawings in Metalpoint

This exhibition brings together the work of eleven contemporary artists who embrace a drawing technique that flourished during the High Renaissance and has recently experienced a rebirth among those who love the immediacy of drawing.

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Scripps Senior Exhibition 2010

An annual exhibition of final thesis projects created by graduating studio art majors, the Senior Art Show is the culmination of the studio art major at Scripps.

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Ceramic Annual 2010: 66th Scripps Ceramic Annual

Ceramic artist and educator Wayne Higby is the guest curator for the 66th Scripps Ceramic Annual, the longest running exhibition of contemporary ceramics in the United States.

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Zen Paintings from the Sanso Collection

More than 30 Japanese scroll paintings, selected from the private Sanso Collection, will survey the wide variety of responses to the teachings of Zen Buddhism. From 15th-century landscapes and portraits of Zen eccentrics to 19th-century images of the Zen patriarch Bodhidharma and the Bodhisattva of Compassion Kannon, this exhibition will explore how Zen ideas were […]

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Asian Textiles Online Exhibition

For the gallery’s first online exhibition, 25 Asian textiles have been selected to serve as key representatives of the range and variety of the permanent collection. In this exhibit you will find Chinese court robes, Japanese kimonos, Buddhist mantles, wedding hangings, and many more exquisite examples that demonstrate the artistry of needle, loom, and dye […]

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Secrets in a Democracy

Bound up in such concepts as sacredness, intimacy, danger, and the forbidden, secrecy is something familiar to all of us. Commonly we perceive secrets as guilty, conspiratorial, or pathological, forgetting that secrets can also protect our identity, intentions, actions, and property.

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Scripps Senior Exhibition 2009

Opening at the Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery on the Scripps College campus on May 1st, this year’s annual senior art exhibition entitled “All Cats are Grey in the Dark” features the creative work of a dozen talented Scripps art majors.

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Ceramic Annual 2009: 65th Scripps Ceramic Annual

Assistant Professor of Ceramics Adam Davis steps in as guest curator of the college’s 65th Ceramic Annual. Davis received his MFA from the University of Arizona in 1999 and since then has worked in residency at the Clay Studio in Philadelphia, the Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts in Helena, Montana, and, most recently, […]

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Place in Time

“Place in Time: Contemporary Landscapes” is a collection of works in which such artists explore the unusual intersection of site and memory.

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Performing the Book

Guest curator and Professor of Art Kitty Maryatt says of the exhibition, “Contemporary artists’ books on exhibit at the Williamson Gallery invite the viewer to react and decipher visual and textual cues on display. There are slyly straightforward, verbally rich tomes, architectural and archaeological constructions, books with painterly calligraphic gestures, alphabetic type explosions, and colorful […]

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