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Yoshiko Shimada ’83

“…contradictions between Shimada’s national culture and her personal artistic expression are precisely what makes her stand out in Japan’s art world today…”

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Elizabeth Robbins Turk ’83

In 2010, Elizabeth received the MacArthur Fellowship or “Genius Grant” of $500,000 given to exceptional individuals in all disciplines for their innovative or impactful contributions to their respective fields.

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Arminée Chahbazian ’82

“Arminée Chahbazian ’82The education I received at Scripps College was vital to my development as a visual artist because independent, creative thought was highly encouraged within a structure that valued tradition, history and critical academic focus.”

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Polly Roberts ’81

“Scripps cultivated my passion for philosophy, language, and art, and it was during my years there that I found my life path: to learn and teach about African culture and art.”

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Alison Saar ’78

“I’d have to say my most valued tools acquired from Scripps are my writing skills. Through writing, I have been able to verbalize my ideas to others and myself, in a clear and artful manner.”

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Lisa Adams ’77

“From the age of ten I knew that I would be a professional artist and the truth is that Scripps College is fundamentally responsible for launching my accomplishments in the Arts.”

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Christina McPhee ’76

Christina McPhee is a new media artist whose work crosses boundaries between digital and traditional drawing and painting.

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Diana DuPont ’75

“My education at Scripps was about at state of mind as much as it was about outstanding classes, professors, and fellow students. Scripps provided a highly stimulating yet nurturing academic and social environment that encouraged self-confidence and a belief on the part of students that we were capable of anything to which we set our […]

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Pauline Sugino ’75

Whether it’s escorting Japanese ukiyoe prints to Japan for exhibition, assisting visiting curators from Asia or examining new acquisitions, Pauline has a fascinating career in the arts which also answers her mother’s question, “What are you going to do as an art major?”

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Laura McCallum ’74

ARTIST, HEAD OF THE VISUAL ARTS DEPARTMENT, THE SPENCE SCHOOL, NEW YORK   “I was drawn to art from a young age, but it was not until I came to Scripps that I could follow these interests. I thrived at Scripps. Teachers encouraged me to explore, question and delve into everything I studied. I learned to […]

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