Alumnae in the Visual Arts (page 9)

July 11, 2011

Idelle Weber ’54

“The structure, the broad historical model, taught at Scripps allowed me to understand how visual art connects to other arts as well as politics and social issues, and how all these currents relate in the present, within one artist’s life. It was a revelation, a joy, and still a beacon!”

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Ruth Andersson May ’40

“At Scripps I was most interested in biology, botany, and art. The library had books with pictures of plants that made an impression on me. In my senior year, I also remember a course I took in crystallography. I am now a certified gemologist, and that would not have happened without my studies.”

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September 21, 2006

Victoria Sheldon

After graduating from Scripps College this Santa Cruz California native founded V.C.Torias, Inc. and has been designing its line of hand-painted women’s clothing for 15 years. In a small boutique in Northern California, Sheldon pioneered the concept of “art to wear”.

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