Alumnae in the Visual Arts (page 6)

July 27, 2011

Victoria Hsiang-Ling Huang ’96

“My Scripps education has been very meaningful. The interdisciplinary humanistic approach combined with rigorous training in the field of my interest — Asian art history — enabled me to develop critical thinking skills, creative vision and capacity to work both independently and collaboratively.”

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July 25, 2011

Anne Iverson ’94

“”I had the wonderful opportunity of growing up in Europe and Asia and of experiencing their art and cultures first hand. It was the exciting challenge of my rich experience at Scripps, however, that ignited my passion for Art History and lead me to develop the tools needed to pursue a successful career in the field.”

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Anneke Voorhees ’94

“My education at Scripps has had an important impact on my career. Courses in Art History and Studio Art broadened my understanding of the meaning and purpose of the arts, their historical development, and role in society.”

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July 24, 2011

Ariana Makau ’93

“During my junior year abroad in Paris, I took my first class in stained glass. I was immediately enamoured with the medium. In my senior year, I created a life-size, stained glass self-portrait, and was certain that my future lay in that art form.”

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Ann Schnieders ’93

“Scripps gave me insight into the synergy of the many realms of society along with the skills to articulate my thoughts — by questioning others and questioning myself.”

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Jane Park Wells ’93

Jane Park Wells has recently exhibited in numerous group exhibitions as well as several solo exhibitons at the Ruth Bachofner Gallery in Santa Monica, California.

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Lilli-Mari Andresen ’92

“As a woman in the arts, I am extremely grateful for having the foundation of a Scripps education. The strength of the well rounded liberal arts education with a strong emphasis in the arts and leadership provided me with the necessary knowledge and confidence to aspire towards my professional goals.”

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Jennifer Minasian Trotoux ’92

“The training I had at Scripps in critical thinking and writing have been invaluable to me in graduate school and in my career, and I value my continued relations with the college very highly. The supportive atmosphere of Scripps certainly made me a better teacher.”

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July 23, 2011

Lynne Brodhead Clark ’89

“My four years at Scripps were fundamental to shaping who I am today, what I believe, and the importance of the arts in my life. Scripps taught me that the arts help us comprehend the world around us, increase our understanding of ourselves, and enhance our ability to think creatively.”

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July 22, 2011

Pamela Gregg Flax ’88

“”My appreciation for Scripps grows with each passing year. To this day, I count on core elements of my Scripps education: writing and speaking about ideas, thinking creatively, considering the ‘broader picture,’ and taking action courageously.”

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